2024 Anarchy Demon USA/ASA


The 2024 Anarchy Demon .5oz End Load USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat marks the return of a legendary force, now infused with the groundbreaking X-Core composite technology to redefine the boundaries of power and performance in slowpitch softball. This bat emerges as a dark champion, forged to deliver unparalleled force and precision that fearlessly commands the diamond.

From the depths of innovation, the Anarchy Demon rises, cloaked in the searing power of X-Core composite technology. This technology ensures that from the very first swing, the bat exudes a malevolent heat, promising to sow chaos and dominate the field. This is not just a bat but a declaration of power, designed for those who dare to control the game with a fierce blend of strength and accuracy.

The true essence of the Anarchy Demon lies in its enduring might. Engineered to withstand the rigors of the game, the X-Core technology ensures that the bat’s fearsome performance is a constant, offering a steadfast ally in your quest for domination. This bat is more than a tool of the game; it is a relentless force, crafted to ensure your reign on the field is as enduring as it is formidable.

Featuring a tactical .5oz end load and a 13” barrel, the Anarchy Demon perfectly balances raw power with precision control. This bat empowers you to unleash devastating strikes with an agility and speed that belies its dark power. Each swing is a testament to the controlled chaos that you bring to the game, leaving a path of destruction in your wake.

The 2024 Anarchy Demon invites you to embrace the darkness and wield its power as your own. This bat is not merely an accessory of the game; it is an emblem of your untamed spirit and your command over the diamond. With unmatched performance and enduring resilience, the Demon is poised to elevate your play to the stuff of legends. Join the ranks of the fearless and let the Anarchy Demon guide you to victory.
Brand: Anarchy
Diameter: 2-1/4″
Certification: ASA/USA
2-Piece Composite Construction
X-Core Technology for maintaining a passing compression.
Optimized barrel size ensures an explosive sweet spot, allowing you to consistently make solid contact and deliver powerful hits.
Endloaded Swing Weight (1/2 oz.)
Warranty: NONE
Barrel Length: 13″
Year Released: 2024

Avail in 26 and 27oz

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