2023 Pure Skybolt USA/ASA

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The Skybolt is a 2 Piece fully composite bat with a 13″ X-22 barrel. Get ready to light up the sky this season with the new Pure Skybolt. This bat is compliant with USA regulations and is hot out of the wrapper so you can launch missiles as soon as you get your hands on it. This bat is available in 26oz and 27oz. ALL bats feature a 1oz end load and the new AeroLine Backspin Technology.

X-22 Barrel

For our ASA bats we had to create a brand-new barrel from scratch. This barrel (named X-22) Features a new type of composite that is extremely durable while still being thin. The thin barrel allows the transfer of power from the player to the ball to be as efficient as possible.

AeroLine BTG Finish

The Skybolt is the first bat to include the new patent pending AeroLine technology. Aeroline technology is a new iteration of Pure’s BTG technology. While BTG produces amazing amounts of spin on its own, the AeroLine Technology turns that spin into backspin. Like golf, softball backspin helps the ball travel farther. This means that a ball with backspin goes farther than one without. Bats have a maximum exit speed that they are allowed to produce but there is NO LIMIT to backspin. If you want an edge on the competition, you need AeroLine technology.

Internal PAD

Each of these bats features an internal PAD (Power Amplification Device) which will greatly increase the amount of force applied to the ball. The PAD is made with the same technology as the original integrity barrel. When the bat hits the ball the barrel will compress and allow the PAD to amplify the force of the swing. This causes a faster rebound, allowing for hits to go much further than a traditional bat. The PAD also helps to keep your performance at it’s peak longer.

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