2023 Miken Primo Maxload ASA

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This Miken Freak Primo Maxload model is back for 2023 offering Tetra-Core technology which increases sweet spot size and durability. The Flex 2 Power (F2P) handle technology optimizes flex and barrel loading to maximize swing speeds through the zone. This bat also features a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, a forgiving 14-inch barrel length, and an end-loaded swing feel that is preferred by power hitters. This model is approved for ASA (USA Softball) Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.

Freak Primo Bat Features:

2-Piece Bat Construction
100% Composite Design
Tetra-Core Technology
F2P Handle
End-Loaded Swing Weight (Maxload)
14″ Barrel Length
2 1/4″ Barrel Diameter
Approved for Play in USA (ASA) Sanctioned Leagues & Tournaments
Designed Specifically for Lower Compression, .52COR Softballs
One Year Manufacturer Warranty
Avail in 26 and 27oz

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