“100Comp” means this bat is made with 100% premium aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite material. The “Tetra-Core +” optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube, increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness. The outer core layering provides increased flex allowing the inner core tube to maximize the mammoth sweetspot and durability. The “Sensi-Flex Technology” maximizes energy transfer from handle to barrel, ultimately increasing bat head speed through the hitting zone along with eliminating vibration. Get your Freak Primo today!

2022 Freak Primo Bat Features:

2-Piece Bat Construction
100% Composite Design (100COMP)
Tetra-Core +
Sensi-Flex Technology
End-Loaded Swing Weight (Maxload)
14″ Barrel Length
2 1/4″ Barrel Diameter
Approved for USA (ASA)
One Year Manufacturer Warranty
26 and 27oz Avail

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